HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement)

Assalamualaikum.. My friends and I would like to share our project's outcomes on Hamas, Islamic Resistance Movement. We chose this movement because their contribution and spirit to revive Islam are at the best. They never give up on Palestine.  This movement is a well-known organization because of their abilities to fight and fight for Palestine's freedom. But, they are also synonymous with a lot of bad terms such as 'terrorist, 'extremist' and others. So, we need to show the proofs that they are not like that by explaining this movement thoroughly to people. But, before that, let us take note, those accusations on Hamas.


 Not only Islam, Hamas also being called as terrorists.

 They accused Hamas has a hidden agenda.

 They said that Hamas started the war.

They felt that Hamas hate Jews so much because of the ethnic only and they influenced by anti-semitic. So, there are a lot of accusations on Hamas. How to know the truth? We must learn about the nature of Hamas itself. Its aims, objectives, ideologies, factors of establishment. So, let us dig the information about Hamas to reveal the truth.


These three are the most important events during Hamas existence.


 This 'was' the Palestine territory before conflicts happened. It was a big area from North Lebanon until East Egypt.

This is the current map of Palestine. The separation of Palestinian and Jews state are totally biased. Palestinian lost their hometown. The separation started from the Balfour Declaration because of the British affairs. Then, the real sufferings happened when the Jews and Zionist started the ethnic cleansing in Palestinian territories. They wanted to remove them all and claimed those territories were theirs. The assassination and violations keep happening until the population of Palestinian were decreasing because the massive killings and emigrations. The Jews increased in numbers because they asked the Jews all over the world to move in to the Palestine land. This was a total injustice that occurred and happened in Palestine until now.


East Jerusalem
Largest City
Gaza city
Mahmoud Abbas (Head of PLO)
Prime Minister
Ismail Haniyeh (HAMAS)
Gaza strip (96.8%)
West Bank (96%)
Men (98.4%)
Women (94.5%)
Spoken languages
Arabic, Hebrew and English
98.0 - 99.0% of them are muslims
1% are Christians
Main ethnic
Palestinian Arab

Flag and its meanings

Struggle of Palestinian from oppression.
Peace and love
Martyrdom, sacrifice and tender
Prosperity, development, blessing and hope for the future

This is the permanent meaning of this flag. But, the meaning differs following the years or era. The Palestine Liberation Organization adopted that flag as its own in 1964. In the early 1990s, a ban on the flag in Israel was lifted. The flag is very similar to the flags of Sudan and Jordan.

So, after we learn about Palestine and we realised that Hamas' presence were really needed in the country, lets learn about Hamas in depth to remove any doubt and accusation on them.


Logo and its meanings

International Relations
Like most non-state actors, Hamas’s ability to survive and develop has been dependent on actions of other state, which at various points have seen the Islamist organization as irritant, an enemy, a burden and an opportunity. In the beginning of the emergence, Hamas had built international relations with many countries including Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iran.

The aims, goals and objectives of Hamas

These are the basic things that we must know about any organisation. This is very important because these will be their guide and manual for their administration. We will learn about their theoretical and practical things related to them.

The features of Hamas

Every movement has their own characteristics, natures and features. So do Hamas. We will realise that Hamas followed the true principles of Islamic Movement.

The reaches of Hamas

There are a lot of contributions that have been done by Hamas from their early establishment until now.

The impacts of Hamas contribution

After read all these information, we knew that Hamas is a true islamic movement. It followed the principles and natures of islamic movement. They always tried their best to reform and revive Islam in Palestine. But, when we try to uphold Islam anywhere, there must be hardships and sufferings. There are a lot of issues including things that we have explained above. But, we would like to highlight on two new issues that made all muslims in the world aware the condition of Palestine.


Hamas have become a very well known organisation this year, 2017. These are the reasons of the increasing popularity of Hamas:

So, Hamas is the backbone of Palestine. Without them, Palestinian would be no longer existed in this world. It stood for Hamas with bloods, tears and without any doubt. Since it is a branch of Ikhwanul Muslimin, we must believe that their aims, goals and objectives are pure, only for the sake of Islam. They always try to revive Islam anywhere. They always aim for the best. We must inhale their spirits in our daily life and to revive Islam in our country, Malaysia.

These information can be used because we have been scrutinised it from valid sources. Last but not least, we hope that this article will benefit others.


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Dr. Zakir Naik

This man inspired and made me end up chosing Usuluddin and comparative religion in my life. i supposed to take Al-quran and sunnah but after taking a long time to distinguish between interest and desperate, i chose to be someone like Dr Zakir Naik. I have been interested to know abouth the truth of islam and the other religion.  He has his own way to preach others how beautiful islam is. So, even though i love arabic language so much but I still choose Usuluddin, the fully english course since i can use my abilities in this path. I should enrich my skills during three years in IIUM.. I can learn arabic in many ways. Even though, i have been listened to the hardships and misery life in usuluddin, but, I know, I can do it as long as i have te good intentions in my life since Allah always be there for me. 

"God doesnt give us what we can handle; God helps us what we have given". :)

Be positive !

This morning, after being left all alone in this room, I have a deep thought about myself. I actually wanted to master abundant skills to strive in this life. I would like to be a happiest yet determined muslim in this world. I would like to change my whole life since I always got the wrong idea about life. I always knew that I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I kept taking the wrong path and chose the silly mindset everytime. But, I should realise, that, if Allah allows us to take a particular path, just believe. He always be with us. He will lead and guide us throughout that big and dark tunnel. There is no tunnel without end. Turn to a new leaf right now. Its okay to let go those past memories. Past remains past. I should think and act diligently from now on.