Dr. Zakir Naik

This man inspired and made me end up chosing Usuluddin and comparative religion in my life. i supposed to take Al-quran and sunnah but after taking a long time to distinguish between interest and desperate, i chose to be someone like Dr Zakir Naik. I have been interested to know abouth the truth of islam and the other religion.  He has his own way to preach others how beautiful islam is. So, even though i love arabic language so much but I still choose Usuluddin, the fully english course since i can use my abilities in this path. I should enrich my skills during three years in IIUM.. I can learn arabic in many ways. Even though, i have been listened to the hardships and misery life in usuluddin, but, I know, I can do it as long as i have te good intentions in my life since Allah always be there for me. 

"God doesnt give us what we can handle; God helps us what we have given". :)

Be positive !

This morning, after being left all alone in this room, I have a deep thought about myself. I actually wanted to master abundant skills to strive in this life. I would like to be a happiest yet determined muslim in this world. I would like to change my whole life since I always got the wrong idea about life. I always knew that I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I kept taking the wrong path and chose the silly mindset everytime. But, I should realise, that, if Allah allows us to take a particular path, just believe. He always be with us. He will lead and guide us throughout that big and dark tunnel. There is no tunnel without end. Turn to a new leaf right now. Its okay to let go those past memories. Past remains past. I should think and act diligently from now on.